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I'm working on developing a Norse persona to explain the weaving and spinning, hence the name. I collect penguins and as my interests state; I also tablet weave, spin, cook, brew, and dabble in embroidery. Stop by, pull up an iceburg, and chill with the penguins.

Friday, July 29, 2005

My Stuff

Hey look, I found a picture of my actual weaving and spinning. Thanks to my friend with the seemingly unlimited Yahoo! space. So, from left to right, the yellow and black circles was the first double turn double faced band I ever did. The white and blue one to the right of it was the first thing I ever wove. The purple turtles with gray background and pink edging is being sewn onto my blue Viking apron dress and is a more recent piece. The white crabs on a blue background was from when I lived in Lochmere. The purple and yellow windmills is what I was working on when I asked Megan to take me on as an apprentice. The really narrow blue and white and the red and yellow were from a class I took at Kingdom Crusades from Countess Bera. The "Celtic Cock Brewers Guild" was one of my first adventures in weaving letters. The white acorn on green is a test piece from a much longer band in Megan's shop (the one on the far left). The white wolf and estoil on blue is the test piece from the apprentice belt I wove. The purple and white is a minister of minors favor that I made myself when I held that office in Lochmere. And there's various skeins of wool that I spun. Not terribly exciting, well to me it isn't, but it's my stuff.


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