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I'm working on developing a Norse persona to explain the weaving and spinning, hence the name. I collect penguins and as my interests state; I also tablet weave, spin, cook, brew, and dabble in embroidery. Stop by, pull up an iceburg, and chill with the penguins.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Weaving a Message

I've been playing with Linda Hendrickson's book Please Weave a Message and am working on weaving a banner for this blog. So far I have "Penguin dreams and strang" woven in purple and grey. I'm using the second set of letters, the 14th century hand, and the "s" is funky so I've already used the wrong version but I am NOT going to unweave back to the end of "dreamS" to fix it. Ok, I might do that because that's just how I am but at this point, it is highly unlikely. I'll probably just keep on weaving new bands with different colors and effects so that I have a whole bunch of "Penguin Dreams and Stranger Things" pieces. Perhaps if I get a bigger reader base I'll start giving them out. See, that's a penguin dream. I'm doing this on an inkle loom from White Wolf and the Phoenix using card that I cut and drilled at their house. I will never have to buy cards again!

Picked up a copy of Brimstone by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child at Barnes and Noble today. I enjoyed their last novel, Still Life with Crows and The Cabinet of Curiousities before that. I generally don't like the horror genre but DBF turned me on to these guys. I guess I like their novels because they actually have a plot. It isn't just people getting killed mysteriously, there's a good sense of suspense as well as intellectual plot twists. This isn't to say that some twists aren't blatantly obvious, show be a book that is completely suprising. Ok, the end of Life of Pi was unexpected but I only read that because of the newspaper clipping in front of my advisor's office about if a tiger in a lifeboat was the same as a lion in a lifeboat, the basis for another novel.


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